DAN Technology Rotary Table Machines

DAN Technology builds rotary table polishing machines for many markets where high production is required among families of similar parts and where the flexibility of robotics is not required for the production. Operations may include inside or outside diameter of round pieces, flat parts, parts with multiple surfaces and process include belt polishing, buffing or satin finishing. 

Video of DAN Rotary Table

Polishing high volume computer hard drive cases

Some Benefits of the DAN Rotary Tables when compared to the traditional machines are the following:


  • Better control of the working pressure
  • Fast changeovers with saved programs and recipes
  • Lower consumption of abrasives
  • Lower energy use
  • Faster and easier to program new parts or to modify existing programs
  • May be integrated with robots for loading and unloading or with other systems such as conveyors with auto pick and place 

DAN Rotary Tables include:


  • Teach pendant controls for operation and programmation  
  • Variable speed programmable heads
  • Variable speed programmable and reversible spindles
  • Extremely high level of pressure controls
  • Safety enclosures and all necessary safety features 
  • Designed to operate 24/7 if necessary