About DAN Technology

DAN Technology is now well over a 100-year old 4th generation company located in Coccaglio, Brescia, Italy about 45 minutes East of Milan.

DAN  is the largest producer of sanding/polishing/buffing equipment in Europe and produces a full line of machines to include manual, semi-automatic and rotary transfer machines. 

DAN was the first manufacturer to commercially develop and sell robotic sanding and polishing systems back in the 1980s and has delivered more than 1,500 robots around the world since that time.

Within  that group of machines DAN has produced cells that are dedicated to almost every industry, dealing with an extremely wide  range of processes, part sizes and materials, including many types of  metals, wood (raw and coated), plastics, composites and also including extremely high quality and sensitive (or easy to damage) parts.

True Manufacturer of Machines

DAN is not just a "robot integrator" but instead is a true manufacturer  of the machines. DAN designs, constructs and assembles the complete  systems in-house with our own designers for the tooling, control  cabinets, enclosures and most especially the units for sanding and  buffing. FANUC Robots are included as a part of the machines when  robotics are required.