DAN Technology - Other Polishing Machines

Flat Panels

DAN has developed a system for the polishing and buffing of sheets using CNC controls for the movements and the DAN  patented control for pressures.

Multiple heads may be included to do multiple steps of the required processing in a single loading of the pieces.

Rotation  speed is variable and programmable and the heads automatically account  for the wear consumption using the pressure control system. 


Batched profiles may be  buffed to a mirror finish or brushed using a CNC program for the  basic movement of the heads and the piece holder. The pressure  controls are very sensitive and allow for a very fast programming where the heads will simply follow the profile of the shapes being  worked.  

Manual and Semi-Automatic Machines

DAN produces other equipment for special applications such as flatware and cutlery, roll polishing and many others. DAN also produces manual  units with special features including large diameter buffs for easier  manual buffing and also units with some extra safety features. 

If you have the need for something special it may be possible for DAN to design and build special machines.