DAN's Robotic Workcells

Industry leading technology

DAN is the world leader in robotic grinding, polishing and buffing systems and within this group there are more than 300 different applications already developed. 

DAN's  systems are "turnkey" in that they are complete with everything needed  for the operation of the equipment at the time of delivery and  installation.  

DAN robotic cells are being  successfully utilized in the most challenging applications in the world  including aircraft and marine propellers, decorative wood trim for  luxury automobiles, aerospace window frames, fabrications, jewelry, etc.  

When used properly DAN's machines WILL NEVER DAMAGE YOUR PARTS

About Us

Lean Compliant

DAN is able to fit nicely into many lean environments with true one piece flow operations in some cases. 

Fanuc Robotics

DAN has supplied systems with several robot brands worldwide, but our preferred partner for North America is Fanuc Robotics. 

UL Listed

DAN made the investment in both time and money to become UL Listed. 

Videos of DAN Robotic Workcells

Grinding of forged striking tools

Belt sanding of decorative automotive components

Buffing of fabricated stainless steel mixing blades